The Aswat Faeela project is funded by the European Commission, led by the British Council and implemented through a consortium of partners including International Alert and Search for Common Ground.

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. Our primary focus in the current context is supporting the long-term enablers of peace, security and recovery at the community level: values-based civil society organisations and networks, youth and women community leaders, artists, citizen journalists, social entrepreneurs, teachers and school leaders by helping them to access the skills, opportunities and pathways needed to manage sources of conflict peacefully. By building esilience in this way we support the foundations for lasting peace, stability and prosperity in the Levant.
Alert is a 30-year old independent peacebuilding organisation. Alert works with people who are directly affected by violent conflict to improve their prospects of peace, and seeks to influence the policies and ways of working of governments, international organisations like the UN and multinational companies, to reduce conflict risk and increase the prospects of peace.
Alert works in Africa, several parts of Asia, the South Caucasus, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe. Our policy work focuses on several key themes that influence prospects for peace. Alert have been working in Lebanon since 2010.
Search is working to transform the way societies and people deal with conflicts, away from violent and adversarial approaches, towards collaborative problem solving. Search acquired over 30 years of experience in peacebuilding worldwide.
Since 1996, Search works in Lebanon to address the issues of conflicts arising within Lebanon’s diverse society, tensions resulting from the increasing influx of refugees, security sector reform, as well as women’s socio-economic empowerment. In each project, Search engages all relevant stakeholders and strengthens local capacities in order to increase social stability and reach sustainable change.
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